Coursera Course Review: Gamification

The quizzes we're all multiple choice, and the homework was essay-based that was peer evaluated. This was one part of the platform that I was kind of leery about because some people could just be complete morons and give you bad grades just because. However, I was pleasantly surprised that students gave thoughtful, complete feedback on all my homework assignments offering different perspectives on the points in my essay. I would include some type of check on the moronic people in the future, though, just in case.

The course itself was very interesting. It explored the emerging field of gamification with numerous real-world examples like Fitocracy, Practically Green, and others. Professor Werbach also discussed motivation and ethics heavily in the class, which is something that helped me understand why gamification works and how some situations aren't suitable for implementing it. This was extremely valuable for me being into digital marketing.Another enjoyable part of the course was that Professor Werbach gave the students all the tools they'll need to implement gamification in non-game contexts.

Overall, I really enjoyed the class and the platform. It's great for supplemental learning, but should not be used as a substitution for traditional classes. I think Coursera will eventually have enough interested universities that can provide classes and content to make it a legitimate educational player, but for now it's just a really cool way to learn new stuff.

If this course sounds interesting to you, they are offering it again! I'm not sure of the date yet, but the best way to find out would be to sign up for Coursera on there website.

I'll say that I originally got the idea for this post talking to Steve from Friendly Giant Property Maintenance. Thank you for the seed. I suppose you discover ideas in unexpected ways.

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