Giving Them So Much

What if you or your significant other we're pregnant with a child and a doctor told you the child would have an intellectual disability? What if they also said that a safe, affordable and reasonably tolerable procedure could change that, and make the child perfectly 'normal'? Maybe just like their older siblings or the kids who live down the street?

Would it not be awfully tempting to say that should be the decision then? For a family to raise a differently-abled child it is often a tremendous personal sacrifice that can place a strain on marriages, preclude professional and personal opportunities and draw significant parental attention away from other children in the family. Who would I or anyone else be to tell a family or parent facing that kind of position that they are wrong to use technology to change it?

It is not uncommon for expecting parents who find out in the early stages of a pregnancy that the child will be intellectually disabled to terminate the pregnancy. Reasonable people can come to very different conclusions on those scenarios, but for the sake of discussion it is worth noting that if genetic engineering can change the child many of those same parents would then choose to genetically engineer and have the child. This technology therefore may prevent the occurrence of a great number of abortions.

What we are talking about with genetically engineering away people's disabilities is not the end of their existence,but rather on some level a tremendous enrichment of the quality of it. After all, if you do take away someone's intellectual disability aren't you giving them a much richer, fuller life? Won't they have many more meaningful experiences and much greater independence?

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