"Bella Beach", the Mediterranean Style Seafood Cuisine comes ashore

Summer has arrived and Bella Beach could just be the perfect hub to capture that essence. Bella Beach thrives as an oceanfront-dining destination that specializes in Mediterranean style cuisines and other exotic seafood dishes. Driven by the kingpins of Miami Nightlife, Tommy Pooch and Alan Roth; Bella Beach comes with immense expectations and it certainly seems up for the challenge.

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With a recent opening in late April at the ever so glamorous Trump International, Bella Beachs island style setting & vibrant colors intertwine to portray a unique atmosphere on the shores of South Beach. If this wasnt enough, Bella Beachs platform also grants the luxury of custom lounges, daybeds and provision of other premium services. The brands strategy and structure here that has been implemented not only constructs a stylish and an immaculate experience but also instantly reinforces it's premium value for the precious customer.

With only a month into it's operations, Bella Beach seems to be on it way to establishing the brand as a landmark on the Collins Strip and creating a new benchmark for a dining experience. Taste the Elegance, Luxury and Excellence.

Take a peak now!

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