Coaching Values People

First off, I have to give thanks to Chris from ILoveRenovations for providing the suggestion regarding this particular article. They practically never seem to be lacking interesting topics.

When people are valued, they work harder. The coach approach assumes that the person being coached:

  • Has lots of answers, it's just a matter of bringing them to the surface
  • Is worth investing in
  • Is responsible enough to take actions and learn from the results
  • Is smart enough to develop his or her own action plans

Imagine what it would be like if you could change your mindset and believe in yourself that you could do this with the help of a coach. You could be a start up or a small business, but just stuck in your ways of doing things. You seem to get in your own way which causes you to not move forward and see the results you desire. Learn how to stop assigning blame and start giving credit for your ideas and your thinking. When a plan doesn't work as well as expected most people just give up.

However in a coaching climate, you will take responsibility for your actions. Coaching connects people on a respectful, level ground.

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