Dog Beds For Large Dogs - Select The Right One So That " You" Can Get Some Rest!

Dog beds for large dogs, solve a very important problem for pet owners - do you know what it is?

Aside from the obvious fact that these owners probably have large dogs, it goes beyond that. What it really boils down to, is they are looking for a way to get BIG Rover off of "their" bed - without hurTing his feelings of course. In fact, even better if he thinks the splendid new dog bed was his idea in the first place!

While it's one thing to have a Yorkie sharing your bed space, it's quite another to have a Great Dane hanging out in the middle of it, as I'm sure you will agree. And, even though you may be the proud owner of large dog who thinks he's a lap dog, you may be tired of sleepless nights as you struggle to get a fair share of the bed.

So when you've had enough, you may want to consider luring Rover away from your bed with dog beds made especially for large dogs. Why, he'll probably be quite flattered that you went to so much trouble to find the perfect bed just for him! And your days of waking up bleary eyed may at last be over. So let's get down to the business of finding the perfect bed for your dog.

Dog Beds For Large Dogs - Buying Tips

Because all dogs are unique in their own way, it goes without saying that not all dogs lay down to sleep in the same way. Is your dog a sprawler or a curler? Does your dog have a preferred spot in the house for snoozing? These factors will give you some guidance as to the shape and type of bed to look for as a starting point.

Do you have an older dog or one with a health condition such as arthritis? If you do, there are beds made with hi-tech materials and special construction features to give your dog greater support and comfort. Heavy dogs, as well as those with joint problems will develop sore spots if the bedding material flattens out easily, so it's really important to have a firm and resilient base to help prevent this.

In addition to the top priority of comfort, maybe you still would like a little style to go along with it? Sofa beds are one such option. They not only look stylish, but also provide some nice back support, or just a place your dog can hang his head while keeping an eye on you.

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If your dog likes to sleep in various places around the house or wherever you happen to be most of the day, think about getting him a second bed - this will also help to keep him, plus his dog hair, off of your couch as well.

Is your dog the type that often gets himself dirty, meaning that his bed needs frequent washing? If so, then it will make sense to get a bed with covers that can be zipped off and tossed in the washing machine.

Now that you have a few things to consider, come see what we think are some of the best large dog beds, plus ones for every other kind and size of dog too!

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V. Witt, the publisher and devoted dog spoiler at, believes that even those big tough dogs need an advocate to speak up for them as much as the adorable small pooches.But, when it comes to getting a good night's sleep, check out our picks for large dog beds so that both you and Rover can sleep peacefully.

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