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DIY Small Business Web Marketing

Posted 11 years ago

It may seem odd that a professional web marketer is suggesting that you might do your own web marketing, but honestly for some people this is definitely the best thing! If you have an aptitude for the geeky, or some background in related fields such as web design, you may find that you are able… Read More…

More Sites We Have Ranking at the Top of Google

Posted 11 years ago

Hey everyone! We continue to have outstanding results getting our clients websites ranked the top of Google with our Google Pay Pay Rank SEO service. Here is some stats: Number of clients websites ranked on page 1 of Google in the last two months: 31 Average time to have client ranking on page 1: 9… Read More…

Testimonials and Feedback on Our SEO Service

Posted 11 years ago

Update: As of April 3rd, 2012 all three of these clients now rank number 1 in Google for their search terms! Check for yourself. Update: Here’s an list of additional clients we have now ranked on page 1 of Google. Hey everyone!We were very excited when we launched our Google Pay Pay Rank SEO service… Read More…

Two Ways to Rank in Google (Adwords & Organic SEO)

Posted 11 years ago

This video provides an absolute beginners and basic look at the differences between the two ways you can rank in Google, their Google Adwords advertising program and in the regular/organic results. A few things I feel I should mention aside from what’s covered in the video: If you’re wondering which route you should take to… Read More…

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